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Don't Forget . . .
Adult Sunday School
9:45 A.M.
Tom & Deb Grim
It's Happening at United Congregational Church . . .
with the help of God - we are moving forward.
Do for others as you would like them to do for you.                             - Luke 6-31
God can restore me and give me new purpose.

Open and Affirming Vision Statement/Covenant
As an Open and Affirming church we join with our brothers and sisters of the United Church of Christ and all persons who are committed to stand for justice, love and inclusiveness using the examples and teachings of Jesus Christ as our guide, In the spirit of Jesus' commandment to love God, and our neighbors as ourselves and Paul's teachings of acceptance of one another, we, the members of this congregation welcome and affirm that all persons of every race, age, gender, physical or mental ability, nationality, economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity are welcome to participate in the full life and ministry of this community of faith, including membership and leadership. We welcome and embrace the God-given gifts that each person brings to the life of our congregation.
Rev. Barry Rempp has accepted the position of Designated Preacher at the United Congregational  Church. He will preach each Sunday. The other tasks will be handled by the Council and members of our church. We are grateful to Rev. Rempp for his willingness to fill the pulpit while we search for a permanent minister.