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Where do we get our Inspiration?

by United Congregational Church of Grand Island on 01/04/16

With our 24 hour a day news cycle, and mostly bad news - hopefully, people are turning to a happier, more inspiring activity. Something like a walk, a good book, a Bible study or just listening to someone you respect and admire. This last Sunday, I got a BIG dose of inspiration. Although there were very few in Bible Study, the subject was so interesting and mysterious, we barely got through the few recommended verses. But it did give me an insight into the participants. One was totally surprised that a Step Grandchild told her, "Grandma, when I grow up, I want to be just like you." She was so surprised, and a little bit in denial as to the validity of the remark. I have thought, for a long time, she is an excellent role model. It's just proof that we do make a difference in the way we act and treat people. And it's especially nice when it comes in unexpected ways. Then we found out that our fearless leader loves ice fishing, but alas, he doesn't love the cold . . . so he has a shack, he places the shack on the ice, drills a hole in the ice and lights a fire in the shack, it's kind of like fishing from home. I bet he likes fishing in the summer time even more. So we learned something and shared fellowship and it was good. Then we go into the sanctuary and Lonnie tells us that the scripture for this week is confusing, mysterious and it's ok that we do not understand and have questions and that was good. So I'm on a roll, a very, very pleasant morning. I'm inspired and wanting more. So my husband, my little friend, Audi and I went on a walk around the lake. Audi checked out all the smells and found out just who had been at the lake lately and I checked out God's wonders and blessings. First of all I'm blessed to know God and have the desire to learn more. The snow cracking under foot told me to be careful, the trees bare and brown are protecting themselves from the cold and snow. The birds are absent, God has told them where to go for the winter months. Very few people are out for a walk, most all are bundled up for the weather, one man was jogging along, in his shorts and arms bare. Another blessing for me - Jogging is for young people. It's a very crisp, cold day and I'm missing color on this palate, but God knew I would find something to do a 'woe is me' thought and he staged a sprinkling of evergreen trees just to add a special hue. And He threw in a rabbit family, scurrying for the warmth and safety of their home. What a wonderful, inspiring and yet mysterious day - and it was good. Thank you God. 

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