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Roses and Thorns

by United Congregational Church of Grand Island on 08/16/16

I was working with my roses, well actually they belonged to the people who used to own our home. The only rose I ever grew never came back the second year. So when I saw a row of roses planted by the side of the house, my green thumb became pale. I did toss some rose food on them the first year and they bloomed beautifully and then the bushes and blooms were done. Pretty but short lived, so I was off to plant other plants more familiar to me. The fall found me cutting off the stems of the rose bushes and trying to protect the roots from the harsh winter. Again in May the roses filled the side of the house with beautiful blooms and once again they were gone in a very short period of time. As I cut the bushes back for the third year, I thought there has to be more to this rose dilemma, or is it that they are so beautiful, one can only bear to look for a short period of time. I trimmed them back, put some leaves around the stems, soaked them real well and was done for another season. As spring approached the green stems beckoned to me, there were some dead stems in each clump of stems so I cut them out, gave these little potentials a shot of food and hopefully a better chance of enhancing themselves. Mid May brought a bountiful array of color; yellow, deep pink, white, pink and red, and again they did not last long, but this year I cut those spent blooms off and the bushes bloomed again and I cut the spent blooms off and the rose bushes are once again blooming. Now, I probably could have inquired at the local nursery or googled the care of roses but I didn't. This encounter with the roses reminded me of my journey, my journey with Jesus Christ. So many times I don't tend to the roots of my Christianity and I only get glimpses of what is good for me. At times when things are going good, I forget to call on Him and my attention to details is spent. When things are looking downward, I remember what is important. I'm just like my roses, when I am well-tended I grow and usually look more presentable. It is so easy to let God do His thing with nature and be done with it, but a little tender loving care to his masterpiece just produces more beauty and when I invite Him to work in my life it adds more beauty and that makes me know that this ole thorn can be a rose. 

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