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by United Congregational Church of Grand Island on 08/26/15


by Bonnie
As our long-valued, Administrative Assistant, Shirleen prepares to retire. I wanted to share my first day after retirement from a long-time position. Although there are many differences, there just might be some similarities.
Oh, to be retired, to do exactly what I want to do on any given day, this is the dream of most people who attain the ripe old age of 65ish. I was no different and at 66 I gave up the job and retired to the simple life. Having a few deficits in the health department, but still able to hold my own in most activities, I set out to clear up my nest. My first full day of doing exactly what I wanted to do, grab the cleaning supplies and make sure those little dust bunnies were out of my house. The step ladder was needed to reach the top of some dust bunny hideouts, no matter - this is safe for an elderly and not yet admitting to my elderness, to do. As I sprayed the cleaning spray onto the top of the container which houses the TV - my roommate arrived in the family room and asked what I was doing, should have been obvious but let's not start a verbal exchange, let's just tell him you're dusting, which I did. Well he wasn't going to give up the encounter so easily. You are annoying me was stated clearly with my body language. He was off on another question, what are you using? Now I have dusted a couple of times before and I think I can do it again, without your help, thank you very much. So this is the way it's going to be, I mused, spending time with this dearly beloved who questions everything I do. He walked straight over to my cleaning compound and said, "Why are you using RAID to polish the top of the TV cabinet? Deficit Alert - over the years I have noticed my senses are not quite as sharp as a 20 year old, however; that shouldn't stop me being able to READ. So on the first morning after my retirement came the crushing blow that you still have to be alert to your environment.
 Today I think . . . what was the retirement plan?  I don't believe I had a plan, but one day at a time works for me. Plan to enjoy your life Shirleen, you will be missed.   

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