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by United Congregational Church of Grand Island on 04/22/17

As I was driving home from my part-time job, at the church, a bright, florescent blue, shiny pick-up passed me on Second Street, as we drove over the overpass the truck gleamed in the sunlight. Now Blue is my favorite color and I have no idea why my mind went in the direction it went. My mind said what if all the vehicles in the world were that bright blue color? What would be the repercussions of a planet full of blue vehicles? How boring would that be? Think of a news helicopter, flying at a low altitude, reporting an accident on the ground, especially in a seven car pile-up. Or when you are buying a new car, I guess we would take the blue one. Why do you suppose we have color? I'm thinking it's because God knew we would be incorrigible if we didn't have a choice. We need stimulation to invent, invest and digest all the wonderful things our peers have put before us. We need change and perhaps we need to change. I like faces, and wonder if I always liked them. For instance, when I was thirty, I could look at an old person and see where the years had kicked them around a little. As I grow older, I can look at a wrinkled brow and see character, I suppose that's because there is one in my mirror that wants desperately to show character.

The blue vehicle vision stayed with me most of the remaining day and then it expanded to people. The white ones, black ones, red ones, brown ones and yellow ones, if I left out a color, it is only because I don't know another color. The vehicles all operate in the same manner. People, too, function in the same way, we all need air, food, water and we are all children of God. Most of these people know specifics about their own people. We don't all speak the same language but I'm betting the same things make us smile; the first sign of Spring in a cold climate, a bird singing a song as he builds a nest. A puppy's cold nose nuzzling you. The first flower popping out of the ground, as Julie Andrews sings, "these are a few of my favorite things."
I don't understand what all the news medias fuss is about, and why do our state and federal officials have such a hard time with us? Is it because we don't want everything the same color. We went to be responsible for ourselves, free from regulations. We all know we need laws, but give us a little credit, these orbs on our necks aren't just for baseball caps. What happened to the pride we had when we accomplished something, we don't need a trophy for participating we need to participate because we learn something every time we spend time with another human being. So we are different, who cares who is right, as long as you are communicating with others, who just might be different from you, you are adding to the diversity of life. Diversity, that's a strange word meaning; variety, assortment, multiplicity, range, miscellany, mixture. And the word can fit into our vocabulary in every walk of life; buying a car, going to the grocery store, choosing your friends, selecting a doctor, it really doesn't hurt when you know it is the right avenue to take.
Love the blue florescent color- but not so much for my vehicle and Thank You God I have a choice.

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