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Directionally Challenged by Bonnie

by United Congregational Church of Grand Island on 10/24/15

So I admit it - I am directionally challenged. I have had the disease for a long time. Take Lincoln, NE for instance, if I lose "O" Street, I'm apt to end up in Missouri. Nothing makes sense in Lincoln. it is so frustrating to be so lost that the only reference I can identify with is walk, don't walk and up and down. I remember a time in Lincoln when I doubted the street signs, W, E, N and S were all foreign and I was sure they were trying to trick me. After a very long trip home from Wichita, KS our daughter bought us a GPS. I do wish I had a nickel for every "recalculating" I've heard in the last few years. I've even used my Australian person in that little box to find a destination within my own home town. She is really quite smart, but I have had to challenge her on occasion. After all, how does someone in Australia know where I want to go and what route I want to take, it is then when the lady yells at me "recalculating" and I know I've gone too far. So again I have to admit it, I'm directionally challenged - why is it so important that I have my way when I have been proven wrong so many times?

And you know, I basically do the same thing in my spiritual journey I have these road maps on how to conduct my life; these shall not's and these positive spiritually sound people around me. Or at least, from the outside, they appear to have it all together. So why am I, at times, spiritually challenged? Why do I so often hear a heavenly voice saying, "recalculating?" A friend says, "at times, she treats Jesus, like a German Shepherd, ordering Him around." Then take me, I take side tours on my spiritual journey. A little side trip when someone says something humorous about someone else, whether or not I respond, I usually do not defend the target, I just let it stand. And is it really humorous when someone is the blunt of a joke? This is when my GPS should kick in and get me off the detour and start moving in the right direction. Oh, when I reach a fork in the road, on the one sign it states "Judgment" and the other one indicates "Judgmental" is just up the road. And, of course, I have to see what Judgmental holds for me. It isn't long before I have to turn around because I have run into guilt and it is way too uncomfortable for me. Good judgment is a comfortable place to be. I make amends, God forgives me, because I've asked to be forgiven, He seems to be saying to me, "allow for delays, enjoy life's journey, but keep your GPS plugged in because you are on a spiritual journey, not a no holds barred, free-for-all." Thank you God for your recalculating patience with this muti-challenged patient. 

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