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                                    March 2019 

Announcement of the upcoming Wedding of James Biel.  
Most of you know that sometime ago a young man, James Biel, immigrated to Grand Island from Kenya. In his amazing journey of life, he has found a home here at United Congregational Church. Last month James shared with me that it is now time for him to marry and will be traveling back to Kenya April 1st where he will join his fiancée and while there marry. James will then return on June 6th, but due to the immigration laws his bride will remain in Kenya until that process has been completed. 
Last month I spoke about the African concept of “Harambee”, which translate into our understanding of “Walking beside” our brothers and sisters, especially in a time of special need. James has come to us requesting “Harambee” from us as he enters into this next chapter of his life. James is requesting financial support with the cost of his travels/wedding/and living expenses for the two months that he will be in Kenya. He is estimating the cost of this wedding to be around $9,000 U.S. dollars. As members and friends of this faith community, I hope that you can financially help James to help defer some of the expenses of this wedding. We ask that you make your checks out to the church and note it to go to the James Biel fund, thereby allowing your help to be tax deductible. We ask a deadline of March 24th with this help, so we can provide a check to him prior to his departure.