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Today I will give thanks that I am part of the Body of Christ.
Meet the Can-Do Family
The Hilligas's Can-Do just about anything they set out to do. And they are "in-it" for the long haul. Isn't that what we want in our friends and neighbors? Well that goes for church members too. Give the task to someone who appears to have no time to get it done and it will be done. Most of the time when we see this close-knit family they are together. Amanda, a Senior at the University
of Nebraska at Lincoln, comes home quite often, to be part of the family unit. She never misses church because she loves the people at her church and she didn't admit to this, but it's obvious she loves and respects her Mom and Dad. Meanwhile Amanda's parents keep busy with their lives in Grand Island, Mark works for the city of Grand Island and Kathy is the manager at Central Nebraska Federal Credit Union. Again this shows the longevity of these two people. Mark has been with the city for the past 22 years and Kathy has been with the credit union for some 28.5 years. Twenty eight and one-half is a magic number for Kathy and Mark as that's how long they have been married.
Kathy recalls the first time she came to the United Congregational Church, she brought Amanda in a carrier - so with the the power of deduction the Hilligas Family have been coming to our church for over 23 years. I'm sure when they started coming there was little thought of all they would do to contribute to the well-being of the church. They collectively have done just about everything, with the exception of preaching, church members can do. Kathy has been in charge of our Sunday School for many years, has been a faithful member of the Church Council, became secretary of the Search Committee, CPR committee and was instrumental in forming youth groups. She is a regular at preparing the elements for Holy Communion and the Hilligas's are always ready to take their turn at preparing goodies for fellowship after worship. Mark has served on the Council and is currently in charge of the ushers, he is also in charge of testing the goodies brought for the masses. He accepts bribes for cookies, the ladies will give him cookies if he'll take the trash out, he is, also, always available to do whatever tasks need doing. He has a wonderful voice and should be recruited to sing in the choir. When asked why this family stays at the United Congregational Church we heard things like; fellowship and food, the people, this is our second family, they like the laid back approach, everyone is welcome, our church is friendly, no one is judged, no airs, we love the people. So if you want to feel good about our church . . . ask a Hilligas.

Amanda hopes to, one day, work in a zoo or a rescue center for animals - the family has a desire to become comfort dog trainers. This should fit right in with their life style as they now have sixteen little paws begging for attention; Bailey, Bodie, Duke and Myah are bringing comfort to Mark, Kathy and Amanda. As for our congregation, we are comforted to know and worship with this family.
 Mark, Kathy and
Amanda Hilligas 
Onward Christian Soldiers"